SR electric chain hoist 230/24 V


Series SR 230 V electric chain hoists are available in several designs and they have the same advantages as standard 400V models i.e. safety slip clutch/brake assembly, low construc-tional height etc. For the 1-phase connection, wire having a minimum cross-section of 2.5 mm². For power distribution at building sites, use connection cables of as short as possible to minimize voltage drop.


  • 230VAC, 1 phase, 50Hz, connection is to made using a wire of at least 2.5 mm².
  • 24VAC control voltage including limit switch up and down.
  • Advanced motors having high thermal load capacities.
  • Long switch-on periods to facilitate high lifting height.
  • Maximum safety due to the patented slip clutch/brake assembly.
  • The brake holds loads at any desired height.
  • At the top and bottom hook positions, switch-off at limit points is ensured byu a slip clutch.
  • Mounted with a fixed suspension or combined with a hand-driven trolley.
  • Load chain (grade 8 in compliance with EN 818/7).

Standard delivery

  • 3 m lifting height (maximum distance between top and bottom hook).
  • 1.8 m control cable with push-buttons 24VAC
  • Includes limit switches.
  • 1 m power cable.
  • Chain bag.
  • Trolley not included.


  • Any other hoisting and operating height is also possible.
  • Larger chain bag.
  • Radio remote control.
  • Thermal protection against electrical overload.
  • Pushing or electric trolleys.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 12100, EN 14492, EN 818-7


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