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Rema® leads in top-tier lifting and hoisting solutions, trusted across global industries. Your safety and efficiency is our priority.


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Discover the future of industrial lifting with our latest range of high-quality hoisting equipment. At Rema®, we blend cutting-edge technology with exceptional customer service to offer solutions that propel your business forward. Dive into our new collection and find the perfect fit for your company's evolving needs.

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Rema® is a distinguished European brand with a rich history in the lifting industry. Our commitment to quality is evident in our extensive portfolio of over 3500 products, including hoists, lifting clamps, chain assemblies, polyester slings, and cargo securing systems. These exceptional solutions are exclusively available through a network of certified lifting experts and trusted retailers.

Explore our corporate video to meet the passionate team behind Rema®'s success. Our dedicated professionals are the driving force ensuring that each Rema® product not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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