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Rema® offers a broad array of lifting products, you can find a selection of several product categories below.

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Broad array of lifting solutions that deliver daily commitment to doing the work.

Rema® excels in hoisting and lifting products. Hereby, contributing to safe working environments around the globe - and safeguarding valuable assets while in transit. On the grounds of this, protecting the people that move and maneuver heavy loads. A task we do not taken lightly... 

Comprehensive product range with safety as top priority.

Wondering how to obtain Rema® products? 

Rema® is widely available within Europe and beyond, however exclusively purchasable via a carefully selected network of dealers and lifting specialists. In doing so, we share lifting expertise. Making sure the right equipment is chosen for the task at hand. Contributing to making your work easier and working environments safer.

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Providing lifting solutions since '51. 

Rema® is a leading European brand in the lifting industry, offering a broad range of equipment with more than 3500 products including: hoists, lifting clamps, chain and polyester slings, cargo securing systems and much more. Rema® products are exclusively available via a carefully selected network of retailers and lifting specialists.

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