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Providing lifting solutions since '51. 

REMA is a leading European brand in the lifting industry, offering a broad range of equipment with more than 3500 products including: hoists, lifting clamps, chain and polyester slings, cargo securing systems and much more. REMA products are exclusively available via a carefully selected network of retailers and lifting specialists.

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Conscious design.

''As a market leader, we’re committed to creating a better, safer and more liveable world.''

As a supplier of globally sold products, REMA is subject to a large number of national and international regulations pertaining to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental protection.

Chrome-6+ free products.

The use of electroplated coatings containing Chromium(VI), for the purpose of providing corrosion protection, is now already prohibited in a few industries EU directive 2000/53/EC (RoHS).

As a market leader in hoisting and lifting products, we feel the urge to set the example for the industry. At REMA, we use alternative non-hazardous replacement substances for corrosion protection on all of our products, to enable safe working conditions in both the manufacturing process and in recycling at the end of products’ useful lives.

''REMA is at the forefront of sustainable innovation and we gain advantage through early adoption.''

The more we learn about Chromium(VI), the more we understand that its use must be reduced or eliminated. It will become a matter of course throughout industries.





  Read more on REMA's sustainability initiatives on the About us - Sustainability page.

Certified safety.

REMA is certified by the EKH (Dutch Association of Approved Inspection Companies for Lifting and Hoisting Equipment), ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified.