LK 400/24 V heavy duty electric chain hoist


The Rema® LK has proven to be a reliable and safe electric chain hoist under the most difficult conditions and circumstances.


  • Very high lifting capacities for electric chain hoists up to 12.5 tonnes.
  • Patented braking system that holds the load at any desired height.
  • Slip clutch against overload of the hoist.
  • Limit highest and lowest hook position by means of limit switches.
  • High duty cycle combined with high lifting speeds.
  • Galvanized load chain, class DAT (Grade 8).

Standard delivery

  • 3 m lifting height (maximum distance between suspension link and lower hook).
  • 1.8 m control cable with push button.
  • Push button switch box 24VAC control voltage.
  • Equipped with limit switches highest and lowest hook position.
  • 1 m power cable.
  • Chain bag.
  • 2-hole suspension plate.
  • Trolley not included.


  • Any other hoisting and operating height is also possible.
  • Larger chain bag.
  • Deviating voltages and frequencies.
  • Radio control.
  • Hook suspension.
  • Electric trolley.
  • Capacities above 12.5 tons to 25 tons on request.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 818-7, EN 12100, EN 14492


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