CBV beam lifting clamps


Designed for safe lifting and transportation of steel beams in vertical position.


  • The lifting eye is placed as far as possible in the center of gravity of the beam to be hoisted


  • For vertical lifting, transportation and stacking of steel (H) beams, profiles and structures where the load must stay perfectly in position
  • Especially recommended for transportation and stacking of steel (H) beams (e .g . when sawing of steel beams, stacking of steel beams and building of steel constructions)
  • Jaw openings available from: 0 to 25 mm.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 12100, EN 13155
  • Note: The plate surface of the material must have a hardness level of max. HrC 37/345 Hb
  • Warning: Minimum weight to be lifted is 10% of the safe workload.
  • Safety factor: 5


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