EHL electric hoisting winches


Electric hoisting winches are constructed to meet the requirements for machines listed in class of use K3 in EN14492 that is an applicable standard for European norms. In some European countries, application of overload limiters and/or limit switches is compulsory. Maritime design available on special order


  • Lifting force range: 200 kg to 1700 kg.
  • Drums run on bearings at both sides (from model EHL 58).
  • Steel base plate (from model EHL 58).
  • Grooved drums (from model EHL 58).
  • Larger drum diameters.
  • Maximum number of wire rope levels on drums: 3.

Brake motor properties

  • Operating voltage 400V - 3 phase - 50 Hz.
  • Class of protection F.
  • Electric protection class motor IP56.
  • Electric protection class brake IP55.

Standard delivery

  • RAL2004 Orange painting.
  • Does not include steel wire rope.
  • Excluded control pendant.


  • Steel cable on request.
  • A load limiter is above 1000 kg.
  • Deviating speeds and drum diameters.
  • Infinitely adjustable speed by means of frequency converter.
  • Shared drum.
  • Spindle tire brake on drum.
  • Hydraulic or air-driven.
  • 230V up to 750kg.
  • Special coating / final color according to RAL.
  • Slack wire contact.
  • 2nd shaft end with hand crank (example: manual drive).
  • Anti-condensation heating.
  • Maritime design on special order
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 12100, EN 14492
  • Warning: Above 1000 kg, overload limiter is required.

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