REMA GP Gripper wire rope hoist


The REMA Gripper is a very robust wire rope hoist that can be used vertically, horizontally or at other angles, with a capacity of 800 kg, 1600 kg and 3200 kg. The shear pin and lever are reliable indicators for overloading.


  • Accurate operation.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • The house is made of cast aluminum with a low own weight.
  • The safety pin breaks at approximately 25% overload.
  • The handle bends at about 50% overload.
  • The safety pin (s) can be replaced under load.
  • Spare safety pins are located in the carrying handle or in the operating handle (GP-0,8).

Standard delivery

  • Excluding wire rope.


  • Steel wire rope, standard length is 20 meters.
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 12100, EN 13157, EN 13414-1, EN 12385-3
  • Note: Before use, check that the safety pins are in good condition. If the safety pin is broken, replace it. Before use, check that the steel cable is not damaged. Before use, check that the steel cable has been correctly inserted through both clamping jaws. Never use a longer lever or make the lever longer than the original one.


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