Cordless remote control


REMA radio frequency system is a user-friendly, flexible and, first of all, a safe and ergono-mic way of remote control. It can be applied in the areas of industrial and building engineering.


  • Range: appr. 1 meter.
  • Led display, transmitter switched on.
  • Functions: up/down/trolley drive.
  • Several speeds can be facilitated.
  • Transmitters are equipped with emergency stop class 3.
  • Adjustable frequency (TM7).
  • Class of protection IP 65.
  • Ambient temperature -2°C to +65°C.
  • Protection class IP65.
  • Control voltage standard 24VAC

Standard delivery

  • 1 transmitter included cord L-type.
  • 1 receiver 24 VAC or 230 VAC.
  • Included not-rechargeable batteries type AA for L-type.
  • Tm70 included rechargeable battery and charger.


  • Several hoists can be controlled with a single hand-held transmitter (TM70).
  • Crane bridge travelling.
  • Other control voltages are available on request.


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