Maximum Efficiency in Limited Spaces

At Rema®, we continue to innovate and develop special solutions that meet the unique demands of our customers. With pride, we introduce the Rema® SR Hoist with Low Building Height, an advanced addition to our range of 'Special Products.'

This electric chain hoist, combined with an electric trolley, is specifically designed for use in spaces with limited lifting height. The SR hoist is available in capacities of 500 kg, 1 ton, and 2 tons, making it an ideal choice for efficiently utilizing available spaces. The combination of the chain hoist and trolley, both available in two speeds, allows for positioning loads with utmost precision and control. This is particularly useful in situations where large distances need to be covered quickly and safely.

What makes this product special is the extremely low building height. In environments where available lifting height is restricted, the Rema® SR hoist provides an optimal solution. The reduced building height ensures that you can maximize the lifting height, which is essential in many industrial and construction applications.

Advantages of the Rema® SR Hoist with Low Building Height:

  • Low Building Height: Designed to provide maximum lifting height in confined spaces.
  • Modular Construction: Design flexibility ensures adaptability to various applications.
  • High Duty Cycle: Reliable for prolonged use, even in intensive operational conditions.

In addition to these electric chain hoists with trolley, Rema® also offers a range of short-built and extremely short-built manual hoists, providing a comprehensive solution for every specific lifting situation.

Discover today how the Rema® SR Hoist with Low Building Height can transform your operations. Contact us for more information or personalized advice.

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