Simplifying Work in the Hoisting and Lifting Industry.

With a rich history dating back to 1951, Rema® has become a trusted name in the global market for lifting equipment, fall protection, and internal transport solutions. Our dedication to delivering high-quality products, coupled with our extensive application knowledge and swift delivery from our well-stocked inventory, has made us the preferred choice of technical wholesalers.

Our commitment doesn't end at product supply; our team of technical specialists provides reliable support during installation and repair processes. Moreover, our end-users across various industries, including manufacturing, construction, chemistry, and logistics, rely on the Rema® brand for its quality and the convenience of repairs and inspections carried out by our certified inspectors in the Netherlands.

Understanding the needs of wholesalers and technical specialists, we strive to save their valuable time by streamlining the product search, comparison, and ordering processes. Likewise, we recognize the desire of end-users to work with our products effortlessly and with utmost safety. This is why we lead the way with innovative products designed to simplify lifting operations. From expert advice and product selection to ordering, installation, maintenance, and inspection, we ensure a seamless experience.

Our team of professionals is always ready to provide prompt answers to any hoisting and lifting questions and offer the most suitable products for every unique requirement.

With Rema®, no link in the supply chain loses valuable production time. We make working with Rema® easy, ensuring smooth operations and peace of mind.

Join us in making work easier, efficient, and safer with Rema® - Work made easy.





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Reliable and Swift Delivery: Meeting Customer Demands with Speed and Efficiency.

At Rema®, we understand the importance of promptly fulfilling our customers' needs. That's why we have strategically maintained large inventories to ensure high delivery reliability. In addition to our central warehouse in the Netherlands, we have established a network of local warehouses close to our buyers. This combination of extensive hardware inventories and short supply lines allows us to deliver quickly and consistently, with an impressive completion rate of 98%.

We recognize that our hoisting and lifting equipment plays a critical role in the production activities of our clients across Europe. They rely on our products to keep their operations running smoothly, day in and day out. With this understanding, we have made a conscious investment in our inventory capabilities. By having ample stock readily available, we can respond swiftly to customer demands.

We prioritize delivery reliability, ensuring that our clientele can count on us for timely shipments. We know that every minute counts in their operations, and our commitment to swift delivery enables them to stay productive and meet their own deadlines. We value our customers' wishes and work diligently to meet them as swiftly as possible.

At Rema®, we are proud to offer a seamless experience, from the moment an order is placed to its swift shipment. Our focus on maintaining large inventories and short supply lines reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction and our commitment to supporting their operational success.

Choose Rema® for reliable and swift delivery, because your time matters to us.

Exceptional Products and Expertise: Trust the Specialist.

When it comes to hoisting and lifting equipment, Rema® stands as a true specialist, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality products. Our dedication to quality has been internationally recognized, with our products undergoing rigorous testing. With a presence in over 40 countries worldwide, Rema® has established itself as a trusted supplier of lifting solutions throughout Europe.

With more than 70 years of specialization in the field, Rema® has accumulated extensive expertise in hoisting and lifting equipment. Our commitment goes beyond providing top-notch products; we strive to share our knowledge and expertise with our valued customers.

As part of this commitment, we offer clear and concise product instructions in multiple languages, ensuring that our clients have access to the information they need to operate our products effectively and safely.

At Rema®, our reputation is built upon the speed and reliability of our deliveries. We understand the critical importance of timely access to quality equipment, and our customers can rely on us to deliver swiftly and consistently.

Choose Rema® for not only superior products but also for our commitment to sharing our expertise. Trust the specialist that has earned recognition in the industry and relies on its extensive experience to meet your hoisting and lifting needs.

Experience the Rema® difference—products and expertise that exceed expectations.

Igniting the Potential of Expertise: Fostering a Learning Culture at Rema®.

At Rema®, we recognize that our true strength lies not just in our exceptional products or well-stocked warehouses, but in the collective knowledge and experience of our dedicated employees. Every member of the Rema® team undergoes extensive training in hoisting and lifting equipment, equipping them with accurate product knowledge and a solid foundation in their field.

Our employees bring together their technical expertise, customer service skills, and a relentless drive for improvement. They have faced and overcome numerous challenges, gaining invaluable insights along the way. At Rema®, we foster a learning environment where continuous growth is embraced. We ensure that our employees' knowledge remains up to date by investing intensively in training programs. This commitment enables us to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of lifting equipment, always aware of the latest innovations and advancements.

By nurturing a culture of learning and development, Rema® empowers its employees to deliver exceptional service and expertise to our valued customers. We understand that knowledge is a powerful asset, and we continually invest in our team's skills to provide unmatched support and solutions.

At Rema®, we take pride in cultivating a team that is passionate, knowledgeable, and continuously strives for excellence. Our commitment to expertise and a learning environment sets us apart as a company that not only delivers top-quality products but also thrives on the collective growth and knowledge-sharing of our employees.

Experience the expertise and dedication that define Rema® — your trusted partner in hoisting and lifting solutions. Together, we build a brighter future based on continuous learning and innovation.

Empowering our Resellers and Ensuring Compliance: A Robust Customer Portal and Certification Platform.

At Rema®, we prioritize providing exceptional support to our valued dealers and resellers. That's why we have developed a comprehensive customer portal that serves as a centralized hub for a wide range of resources. Within this portal, our dealers have access to a wealth of information, including detailed order history, invoices, product information, manuals, and more. This intuitive platform enables our dealers to efficiently manage their business and access essential documents with ease.

In addition to the customer portal, we have also implemented a specialized certification platform exclusively available to our Dutch customers. This platform, designed specifically for EKH-certificates, plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance and safety. Our service employees and clients rely on this portal to track and recognize when products require re-inspection, testing, and recertification. This meticulous approach ensures that our products consistently meet the highest standards and adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by industry regulations.

At Rema®, we believe in empowering our dealers with the tools they need to thrive and providing the utmost convenience. Our customer portal and certification platform demonstrate our commitment to streamlining processes, enhancing transparency, and fostering a strong partnership with our valued customers.

Choose Rema® as your trusted partner and gain access to our comprehensive customer portal, equipped with a plethora of resources to support your business.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with our platforms, ensuring compliance and safety every step of the way. Together, we strive for excellence and deliver unmatched support to help your business succeed.


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