• Not for lifting

When damping, this band decreases the impact force to be born by the human body below 600 kg. Provided with a safety connecting triangle at one end. Compact creased and sewn polyester strap strongly packed in a PVC hose. On the influence of the sudden impact force risen during a possible fall, the seam will be undone from stitch to stitch creating a retarding effect.
Tested in compliance with EN 355.

Technical specifications

  • Length max 1.5 m .
  • Maximum collection distance 2.75 m.
  • Length of person including shift of the harness 2.5 m.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 355
  • Warning: Free fall height must be at least 6.75 meters in combination with connecting device.
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    Part Code Code Length Model
    1730191 8717365259753 0,5 MAS BFD2

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