KBT200OD low headroom hoist-trolley


Hand-operated trolley in combination with the Rema® Select 200OD hand chain hoist.
Only available in combination with the Rema® Select 200 OD manual chain hoist.


  • Extremely low building height (135-235 mm).
  • Suitable for beams with both straight and sloping flange.
  • Maintenance-free ball bearings.
  • Wheel rupture supports for extra safety.
  • Hand chain operated trolley.
  • Technical specifications for manual hoist see Rema® Select 200 OD chain hoist.

Standard delivery

  • 3 meters lifting height (max. between top and bottom hook).
  • 2.5 meters operation.


  • Available in other lifting and operating heights.
  • Marking: CE-marked


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