The semi stainless steel hand pallet truck is produced for the food industry and is satisfy hygiene demands. European origin.


  • On the semi stainless steel hand pallet truck the frame, handle, axel, bolts and pins are in stainless, while the bars, front/rear rocker arm are in galvanized.
  • The hand pallet trucks can resist the most chemicals, such as salt and cleansing agent.
  • The semi stainless steel hand pallet truck have a simple and reliable hydraulic system with built-in automatic neutral position valve.
  • Pump unit is zinc sprayed and painted afterwards.

Standard delivery

  • Fork rollers and steering wheel of nylon.
  • Tandem fork rollers.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 1526
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Part Code Code Model Dimension
Width of forks
Minimum height of fork
Version of fork roller Weight
2804023 8717365093180 HPTR 449 TR/3 1130 x 520 160 85 Tandem 67

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