• Not for lifting

Lightweight POWER PULLER. With many applications when it comes to pulling, lashing and tensioning.


  • Safety factor 4.
  • Hooks equipped with safety latches.
  • Anti-slip safety handle.
  • Safe workload only with horizontal use.


  • 0310012 Wire pulling chain.
  • 0310014 Barbed wire puller.
  • Note: Before use, check the steel cable for damage. Before use, check that the hooks are not bent out and the safety latches are still attached. Never extend the handle with a pipe for more power.
  • Warning: NOT FOR LIFTING.
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    Part Code Code Model Rope Ø
    Tension range
    Tension force daN Weight
    0310001 8717365001031 MD-144 S 4,76 3,66 450 3,6
    0310003 8717365001048 MD-144 SB 4,76 1,83 750 4,1