Setting standards for a more sustainable future.

At Rema®, we take pride in providing our customers in the logistics, energy, manufacturing, and construction industries with top-quality products and unparalleled lifting expertise. Every single day, we ensure the successful execution of thousands of lifting operations, vital for society's proper functioning. However, we recognize that sustainability is a crucial aspect that must be addressed in our industry.

Driven by our core values and armed with extensive knowledge, Rema® is committed to spearheading sustainable transformation. We understand the importance of integrating sustainability throughout our entire value chain. Our primary focus is on delivering safe products and solutions that not only meet our customers' stringent quality expectations but also enhance their sustainability performance.

By incorporating sustainability into every aspect of our operations, we aim to play a pivotal role in driving positive change within our industry. We believe that by upholding our core values and leveraging our expertise, we possess the necessary tools to champion sustainable practices and pave the way for a better future.


Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Operations

Sustainable Customer Offer

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Making sustainability happen.

At Rema®, sustainability is a paramount focus. Each day, our products play a crucial role in driving, securing, and powering numerous applications that are vital for the functioning of society. We acknowledge the imperative for a more sustainable world, and through assisting our customers in finding optimal technical solutions, we actively contribute to sustainable development. With unwavering dedication to our customers, our sustainability efforts at Rema® not only fortify our existing business but also lead the charge in driving the transformative sustainability initiatives within our industry.


At Rema®, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration to achieve sustainable outcomes. By partnering with suppliers who align with our values and meet our stringent sustainability standards, we ensure that every link in the chain shares a common goal: a sustainable supply chain.

Through close cooperation with our suppliers, we continually enhance the quality and safety standards of our products. We strive for a supply chain that not only meets but surpasses the requirements outlined in our comprehensive supplier Code of Conduct. Our experience has shown that suppliers who excel in sustainability also demonstrate exceptional levels of quality.

As a brand and thereby being a distributor, we understand that the majority of our products' sustainability impact lies within our supply chain, an area we don't have direct control over. However, we leave nothing to chance. We have developed a systematic approach outlined in our Guideline for Sustainability in the Supply Chain. This guideline serves as a roadmap for establishing long-term partnerships with our suppliers, fostering continuous improvement in their sustainability performance across various aspects such as health and safety, environment, social responsibility, and business ethics.

At Rema®, we are dedicated to nurturing collaborative relationships with our suppliers, promoting shared values, and driving sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain. By doing so, we actively contribute to the betterment of our industry and uphold our commitment to creating a sustainable future.


We want to be the most attractive employer in our industry.

Therefore, we provide our employees people development programs and focus on workplace wellbeing as well as diversity and inclusion.


Company culture.

We strive to achieve sustainable operations through resource efficiency and highly engaged employees. With our values as guiding principles, we continuously improve our sustainability performance to proof our future as a company and employer.

Being far-sighted
Looking to the long term and favoring the sustainable option.

Making things happen
We take the initiative, drive things forward and deliver on our promises.

Being good to work with
Because people matter; relationships matter; respect matters. 


Climate ambition.

We are committed to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions according to Green House Gas Protocol´s Scope 1 and 2 with 50% until the year 2030, with the year 2020 as a baseline. We will make this happen by focusing on energy efficiency, electrification, and the use of renewable energy sources.


A safe working environment to be proud of.

Safety first.

Rema® always puts safety first and our workplace should contribute positively on our colleagues´ wellbeing. All people involved in our business should be safe when being at work and our view of safety includes both physical as well as mental health. 

Good to work with.

One of our core values is to be Good to work with – both externally and internally. Our Code of Ethics is a guideline for ethical sound behavior for all employees. It is an extension of our core values, a simple map to what the company expects from us in various contexts of our everyday work.

To ensure that our employees comply with our values and policies, there is a whistleblower service, managed by an external party. We urge all employees and partners to tell us about any actions that go against what we stand for as a company – it creates security and helps us achieve a good corporate culture.



Committed to safety and quality.

Each day, our products and expertise in lifting operations safeguard a multitude of lifting operations across diverse industries. Our commitment lies in providing secure and reliable products and services that not only meet our customers' quality expectations but also enhance their sustainability performance. Leveraging our extensive experience and rich history in the lifting industry, we possess the necessary knowledge to establish stringent requirements for our products, ensuring long-term safety and sustainability for all stakeholders involved.

Safe products that last.

Drawing on our extensive expertise, we serve as trusted advisors, guiding our customers in selecting the most appropriate products for their specific applications. Our customers can rest assured that they are provided with safe and high-quality products that enable seamless and secure operations. Furthermore, we recognize our responsibility in prolonging the lifespan of our products, offering an extensive range of services. For instance, we assist customers in making informed decisions about product replacement, considering both safety and sustainability aspects.

From linear to circular.

Through offering more sustainable solutions and collaborating with our customers, we aim to foster the adoption of alternative business models that promote resource efficiency and drive cost reductions. We actively pursue partnerships that result in innovative products and services with a minimized environmental impact. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the products we bring to the market are fully reusable or recyclable, thus contributing to a circular material stream, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.