Magnets and vacuum lifting



Lifting magnets & vacuum lifting equipment.

What is a lifting magnet used for?

Some lifting materials such as plate clamps can leave tooth segment marks, this can often be undesirable. By using a lifting magnet, these damages are prevented. With a lifting magnet from REMA, both round and flat steel plates can be hoisted.

What is a vacuum lifter used for?

Vacuum lifters are usually used to hoist plates that absolutely must not be damaged and where a minimum bending is required. Glass plates, various types of wood plates, steel plates, all these types can be lifted using a REMA vacuum lifter. Plates can have various dimensions, from small to very large, REMA can even have the vacuum lifter specially made to your wishes, 1 piston, 4, 6, 8, 10 or more pistons. Much is possible to meet your wishes!

Are you looking for the right REMA lifting magnet or vacuum lifter?

REMA has both permanent lifting magnets, battery, electro and pneumatic lifting magnets. REMA also has hand magnets and tap magnets. REMA also offers mechanical, pneumatic, electrical vacuum lifters. 

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