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Specials; customised for specific needs

Aside from its huge product range, REMA also offers custom work. This could involve small modifications to the existing product range, or products or product packages completely custom developed for you. For example, take four fully synchronised winches. All the calculations that are necessary for such complex vertical transport can be performed by the specialists from REMA. They can create a custom solution on the basis of the product range, their expertise and their good contact with suppliers. Sound, safe and effective. Give REMA a challenge!

Every hoisting or lifting problem solved expertly
The indication ‘specials‘ is used for all products that cannot be found directly in REMA‘s inch thick catalogue. This often involves relatively small changes to existing products. Custom solutions for hoists can be special, but are actually already routine within the product range. It gets truly special when clients don‘t ask for modifications, but for a solution. When they put a complete hoisting or lifting problem to REMA. And this also happens regularly. The experts from REMA are of course the perfect tradespeople to work on such complex problems. You can count on them coming up with a solution every time. Specials get REMA‘s special attention
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