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Working safely with personal fall protection

REMA won‘t let you fall. As a specialist in vertical movement, REMA knows that work sometimes needs to be at height. It is then very important that workers have full freedom of motion, and most of all that they can still work safely. That is why REMA offers a broad range of personal fall protection products: safety harnesses, and for example fall arrest devices and fall protection lifelines. These are advanced systems to catch people falling and to reduce the forces that can occur. You cannot and must not take any risks. REMA makes sure that the safety equipment is of the same level as the height you are working at. REMA takes care of your safety.

Safely fastening cargo for transport

Transport is precisely when a cargo needs to be very well secured. That is why REMA has built up a huge amount of expertise in this. This knowledge is also offered for the moment that cargo needs to be secured in lorries, trains or on board ships. REMA has a huge assortment of straps and chains, chain tensioners, corner protectors and non-slip mats which are used together to make sure cargo really stays in place. Safety first. The complete product range can be searched and compared online. The experts from REMA are also ready to assist you in your choice if you wish. REMA makes sure your cargo is secure.
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