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A market leader in hoisting and lifting

When it comes to hoisting and lifting equipment, fall protection and internal transport, REMA offers a product range that has no equal. Custom work is also possible within that assortment. In our workshop, we are constantly custom-making hoists according to customer specifications. And the REMA product range is also still growing. REMA has permanent contact with the market: directly and through its dealer network. Signals from the market are always translated into continued development of existing products and to new products within the company. That means the existing products keep getting better functionally, and that REMA keeps surprising the market with innovations. That works to your advantage.

A market leader in knowledge and in product range
REMA is a market leader in expertise and in its range of hoisting and lifting equipment, fall protection and internal transport products. Buyers can count on the quality of the products and on expert advice and delivery reliability. To be able to guarantee that, REMA keeps large inventories at a variety of locations and it works with advanced logistical systems. The experts from the company can be reached quickly and easily to find suitable solutions together with the retailers to end clients. REMA doesn‘t think in terms of products. It aims to use its expertise and its product range to make the processes in companies run more smoothly. And also more safely and efficiently. That‘s how REMA makes the difference.
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