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We want to make it easy for customers

REMA delivers high quality products and service. But our mission goes much further. Our goal is to make it easy for companies and the market. We offer solutions based on three pillars - expertise, simplicity and effectiveness - that make it easier for dealers, hoisting and lifting specialists, and end users. We guide them in making their choices and then make sure the products are delivered quickly and in full. The products themselves can be used without worries: they are safe, easy to use, efficient and effective. The service that REMA offers for this in the form of repairs, inspections and testing meets the same high standard. You can count on it.

Sharing knowledge and providing convenience
To make it easy for its customers, REMA shares its specialised knowledge with technical wholesalers and trade specialists through training programs. REMA also provides assistance in making the right choices from the huge assortment of hoisting and lifting equipment (and also beyond the assortment with custom work). REMA does this using digital selection tools and certainly also with personal advice. Resellers and users also find that REMA makes it easy for them with the information provided, logistics and the ease of installation and use. Experience our motto: Work made easy.
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