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REMA strives for the highest quality in everything.

REMA understands that its products are always used in critical processes. It is not acceptable for anything to go wrong. That is why REMA works hard on the theme of ‘safety‘. REMA is certified by the EKH (Dutch association for testing and certifying hoisting and lifting equipment) and is also ISO 9001 and OHSAS ISO 45001. All its products also satisfy the European Machinery Directive and are provided with the CE mark. REMA strives for the very highest quality in everything. Because we never forget that you can never take risks with hoisting and lifting. Quality assurance is literally of vital importance and truly comes before everything else in product development, production and service. You can rely on this completely.

Real professional knowledge as the basis for advice and production
REMA values the expertise it has in-house. It draws on this professional knowledge to develop new products, create custom work for clients and to give suitable recommendations. Products can be delivered quickly because REMA keeps large inventories. This is shown by delivery reliability of almost 99%. We also work with local warehouses, which puts the inventory close to the largest markets. Although all REMA‘s sales run through technical wholesalers and trade specialists, it does stay in close contact with the end user market. These intensive contacts are the basis of the continued development of new and existing products. That‘s how it works.
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