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Handling every load

You need a good grip on the load being lifted. Whether it is a steel beam, a barrel, pallet, panel or concrete. There are two requirements for this: the load needs to be secured properly and must not get damaged. REMA has a broad range of highly functional products for load handling. You can use them to hook up a load, or for example to lift with magnetism or a vacuum. REMA supplies a number of technologies that are on the market. But it goes further than that. Because for hoisting barrels, REMA has actually developed its very own solution that is only available from REMA. REMA always finds a solution for you.

Complete solutions for vertical handling

REMA offers a sophisticated range of chain slings (class 10 but also in stainless steel), fastening points, lifters, closures, straps and hooks. This shows that REMA does not think in terms of products. It thinks in terms of complete solutions for your vertical transport. All products do meet the strictest safety requirements and are also constantly spot tested in-house according to the applicable standards. For safe hoisting, the handling products are just as important as the hoist itself. Be sure to get advice and find your way in the very broad product range. REMA makes sure you can work safely.

High quality internal transport solutions

Aside from vertical transport, horizontal transport is also common in many work environments. Because many of the techniques for lifting and securing loads can also be used there, REMA also offers solutions in this area. REMA makes it easy for you with high quality pallet trucks as well as high-lift pallet trucks. REMA has developed its own stainless steel hand pallet truck especially for the food industry. We only supply very high quality pallet trucks that guarantee problem-free use. You can transport loads up to as much as 5000 kg through your warehouse or production environment effortlessly. You can also count on REMA for this.
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