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Lifting at a higher level

With the focus on working conditions, there is now more attention for lifting heavy loads safely. Of course with hoists, and also with lifting equipment such as solid lift tables. In lifting too, REMA is the specialist that makes it easy for you. Hydraulic jacks and machine lifts, and also for example lift tables, are included in the standard product range. This includes our own A-brand REMA as well as products from reputable suppliers. REMA has drawn on all its expertise to create the broad selection of lifting equipment. This expertise is of course also available to assist you in choosing from the product range. REMA will be happy to do that for you.

High quality lifting equipment

REMA offers you a range of high quality lifting equipment. It is essential that this is exactly attuned to the loads that you want to move vertically. Lift tables have a maximum lift weight: the safe operating load. But the lifting equipment can also vary in terms of lifting time and size. These need to be attuned to your exact situation. That is why we make it very easy for you to assess and compare lifting products on this website. If you are uncertain, get advice from the experts at REMA. They know all the details of the range of hydraulic lift tables and jacks, and about the hand operated lifting equipment that REMA offers. You will find the perfect lifting equipment for you.

Full support for dealers and users

REMA does more than just supply a very broad range of lifting equipment. Together with dealers, it can also organise the installation, maintenance and certification of this equipment for you. Simple and effective. That gives you one less thing to worry about. That is how REMA shows it is much more than just an equipment supplier. It is a partner that wants to support you to make your daily work easy. That is why we are constantly training our employees and dealers. They are the experts who stand beside you for complex or daily lifting problems. They can also provide you with personalised advice. Tailored to your situation.
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