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About us

At REMA, we believe in the right knowledge and tools for the job. The same goes for our customers.
We want to make their work easier.

REMA is a trusted family company that has been building up expertise since 1951. In that year, Frits van der Ree started his business and used his cargo bicycle to supply professional tools to customers in the regional manufacturing industry. His goal was to make it as easy as possible for people to work with his products. And this philosophy is still in the company‘s DNA. REMA is now directed Jo Dullens. At the core, not much has really changed. We still see that knowledge and quality are the two pillars the company is built on. And we are still a family company that focuses on really taking care of everything for its clients. Experience that yourself.

When it comes to hoisting and lifting equipment, fall protection and internal transport, REMA offers a product range that has no equal. Custom work is also possible within that assortment. In our workshop, we are constantly custom-making hoists according to customer specifications. And the REMA product range is also still growing. REMA has permanent contact with the market: directly and through its dealer network. Signals from the market are always translated into continued development of existing products and to new products within the company. That means the existing products keep getting better functionally, and that REMA keeps surprising the market with innovations. That works to your advantage.

REMA understands that its products are always used in critical processes. It is not acceptable for anything to go wrong. That is why REMA works hard on the theme of ‘safety‘. REMA is certified by the EKH (Dutch association for testing and certifying hoisting and lifting equipment) and is also ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. All its products also satisfy the European Machinery Directive and are provided with the CE mark. REMA strives for the very highest quality in everything. Because we never forget that you can never take risks with hoisting and lifting. Quality assurance is literally of vital importance and truly comes before everything else in product development, production and service. You can rely on this completely.

REMA delivers high quality products and service. But our mission goes much further. Our goal is to make it easy for companies and the market. We offer solutions based on three pillars - expertise, simplicity and effectiveness - that make it easier for dealers, hoisting and lifting specialists, and end users. We guide them in making their choices and then make sure the products are delivered quickly and in full. The products themselves can be used without worries: they are safe, easy to use, efficient and effective. The service that REMA offers for this in the form of repairs, inspections and testing meets the same high standard. You can count on it.

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