Sustainability Policy Statement.

The road to sustainability.

Tackling the sustainability challenges of an increasingly complex world requires all hands on deck. At Rema®, we are convinced that sustainability is the key to a future-proof company. Therefore, we want to actively contribute to influencing the industry in which we operate in a more sustainable direction. By providing more sustainable offers to our customers as well as working to reduce our own carbon footprint and the impact of our activity on the climate, we all can be involved in driving the change.

Rema's sustainability goals include five areas, where we see that we have great impact and great risks, but also areas where we see that we can make a big difference.


Rema® Five focus areas – progressing down the sustainability path

Sustainability is obviously not just a single action, but a combination of several things, and we therefore get around topics such as:

  • Health and safety
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Resource efficiency
  • Good products and services
  • Responsible supply chain


Chrome-6+ free products.

''As a market leader, we’re committed to creating a better, safer and more liveable world.''

The use of electroplated coatings containing Chromium(VI), for the purpose of providing corrosion protection, is now already prohibited in a few industries EU directive 2000/53/EC (RoHS).

As a market leader in hoisting and lifting products, we feel the urge to set the example for the industry. At Rema®, we use alternative non-hazardous replacement substances for corrosion protection on all of our products, to enable safe working conditions in both the manufacturing process and in recycling at the end of products’ useful lives.

''Rema® is at the forefront of sustainable innovation and we gain advantage through early adoption.''

The more we learn about Chromium(VI), the more we understand that its use must be reduced or eliminated. It will become a matter of course throughout industries.