Fundamentally placing the highest level of importance on safety beliefs, values & attitudes.


Safety first, always. 

REMA's founders instilled responsible behaviour towards clients, society, and employees. This principle lives on today and is reflected in REMA's efforts to continually maintain the highest QHSE standards. REMA has an internal QHSE officer who performs reporting, risk assessments and auditing and observes all QHSE related activities and policies on all of our locations.

Certified partner. 

The policies are supported by the REMA QHSE management system complying with EN ISO 9001 on quality management and OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001) on Occupational Health and Safety Management. 

Safety culture. 

In order to create a strong Safety Culture on our sites, REMA has developed a concept called “Check, Act, Learn”. This enables them to identify and react to issues before they actually occur as well as solving problems and coming up with the right solutions.

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