Knowledge & quality as the foundation.

   Founded in 1951 - Maastricht, the Netherlands

Rema® is a trusted family company that has been building up expertise since 1951. In that year, Frits van der Ree started his business and used his cargo bicycle to supply professional tools to customers in the regional manufacturing industry. His goal was to make it as easy as possible for people to work with him and his products. And this philosophy is still in the company‘s DNA.

Rema® is now directed by Jo Dullens. At the core, not much has really changed. We still see that both product knowledge and quality are the two pillars the company is built on. And we are still a family company that focuses on taking care of everything for its clients.

Have a look at our company video and get an inside look at Rema®; showcasing our organisation and the team that fuels it.

Large inventories for high delivery reliability.

Rema® consciously keeps large inventories in order to be able to meet global customer demand immediately. To do this, it has chosen to work with a number of local warehouses in addition to the central warehouse in the Netherlands. Close to its buyers. The combination of large inventories of hardware and short supply lines to the market, Rema® can deliver quickly and virtually always (98%) completely. Rema® has consciously invested in inventory because it knows that its hoisting and lifting equipment often plays a crucial role in the production activities of its clients in Europe. In fact, they cannot go a day without it. Delivery reliability with swift shipment is key for our clientele. 

Products & expertise from a true specialist.

The quality of Rema® products is both widely tested and recognised internationally. Rema® supplies its products to more than 40  countries globally. Over the past 65 years, Rema® has specialised in depth concerning lifting solutions. It is now one of the respected suppliers of hoisting and lifting equipment in Europe and unquestionably known for the speed and reliability of its deliveries.

The company not only offers its clients a wide range of high quality products, but also shares its high quality expertise. Clear multi-lingual product instructions is part of that.

Expertise & learning environment.

The true strength of Rema® is not in its products or warehouses. Ultimately, it is all about the knowledge and experience of our employees at Rema®. All Rema®‘s employees are extensively trained in hoisting & lifting equipment and have accurate product knowledge.

They combine this with customer service and a drive to keep improving whilst having dealt with many of the issues before. Rema® makes sure their knowledge is always up to date. It invests intensively in training in order to be are aware of every innovation in the area of lifting equipment. 

Digital documentation always available.

All products that Rema® offers must meet strict requirements and also be used in accordance with the European Machinery Directive. That last point is why Rema® not only has full warehouses, but also a very complete database in which all the user instructions and certificates are available for all products that are supplied. And of course in every relevant supported language.

For years Rema® has made sure that this documentation is not only supplied with its products, but is also available digitally.


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